Vijay Prasath

< Hi I am Vijay !>
< I design and develop
websites >

< First we need a
Idea... >


Hey, I need a website for my brand. We specialise manufacturing and marketing natural skin care products.
Alright Great ! I will take care of everything, first I will brainstorm and share the design. Once validated, I will develop your website, and we will be good to online.


Perfect, When do we start 🙂 ?

< Then an analysis and
Brainstorming... >

Market Analysis

Competing leading cosmetic brands have websites that prioritised product showcasing and user experience. Moreover their designs is for the most part very generic rather "cold".


The target audience is wide. It is therefore necessary to speak to all genres. As cosmetics are a personal and sensitive product, it's important to establish trust and credibility with potential customers.

< Creativity takes place for
design. >

Highlight the

Highlighting it's usefulness makes it possible to address generic / neutral clientele.

Light and Warm Page

Thanks to colors, borders and illustrations.

< Finally I develop and
I am publishing your website ! >

< You are Probably Wondering
.... >

How much
does it cost ?

Tell me about your project, the cost will depend on the time needed, functionalities, and your expectations. For example, it takes nominal market price for a showcase site. For larger projects, the price will be based on your expectations. I will then send you a quote.

And after ?

You will be able to modify the content thanks to the software (CMS) provided! Hours of training are included to teach you how to edit or add content in the future.

Sleep easy

You can let me support and update your content, on a monthly subscription basis.

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I am passionate about design and development. This innovative association between code and design aesthetics, allows me to work efficiently without any boundaries.